Why Choose liposuction in atlanta

SmartLipo brings together the latest approaches to removing displeasing and unwanted body fat as well as enhancing your bodies figure through body contouring. But it doesn’t stop there. It offers you truly revolutionary answers to your cosmetic surgery needs using laser liposuction. This procedure is the fastest growing option available for fat removal cosmetic surgery.

Is SmartLipo for You?

If you’re looking for a cutting edge answer to removing your unwanted body fat on many different parts of your body using laser liposuction, then your answer to laser liposuction is YES. Let’s take a moment and consider: the medical field is among the fastest evolving areas of expertise in the entire world. What was the very latest and innovative approach just ten years ago has today been replaced SmartLipo’s laser technology.


SmartLipo Laser Technology

SmartLipo is the premier technology for the removal of unwanted and unattractive excess body fat. The laser technology behind this revolutionary procedure is really quite simple and easy to understand.

SmartLipo Technique

Just like a gifted artist your SmartLipo physician will shape and contour your body to help you capture that look you have always wanted. Imagine a flat and firm abdomen, unwanted fat whisked away from other parts of your body. Think about you, wearing just the right clothes that you’ve always wanted to wear.

Smart Liposuction

If you’re considering fat removal and/or body contouring procedure we’ve got a question for you… What if there was a way to remove fat while receiving greater results with fewer complications, in a shorter period of time, and at less cost? Would you choose it over another more traditional approach? Liposuction in Atlanta is the procedure that does just that. It is the cutting edge answer to removing unwanted body fat on several parts of your body. Why should you consider laser liposuction? It is the fastest growing option available for fat removal cosmetic surgery.

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Atlanta Ultherapy – Fight Wrinkles and Sagging Skin

A lot of people have been asking so I’ll provide some information about Ultherapy Atlanta. I’ve had Ultherapy done to myself so I know exactly how people should be treated so that they feel good during the procedure. The moment I’m done treating, it was as if you didn’t know anything had happened. On the next few days, you’ll start tightening up. You’ll actually feel your face lifting. A couple of months later, you’ll look at the mirror and say, “Wow, I look like myself, but a younger version of me!” You basically just turn back the clock a few years.

Now, we generally do one treatment which is beautiful. One treatment will last you for several years and it doesn’t prevent us from doing anything else but it is the most natural way to look younger because all you’re doing is turning back the clock. You’re not changing you and you don’t look like somebody else. People are always worried about that. No, this is taking you and saying, “Hey, let’s give you the skin that you used to have a few years ago before gravity started really pulling and stretching.” So, we’re just giving it back to you.

That’s the beauty of this machine and we’re just using sound waves. The same things that you use when you’re looking inside to look at a fetus when a woman is pregnant. Now, if you can use something on an unborn baby, I’m certain you can use it on a face that’s getting old. It’s a very safe procedure and it’s completely bloodless. I’m very excited about it because it’s the first thing that’s come along that really works in this non-invasive way.

ultherapy information

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Interview with Coolsculpting Atlanta

I’m here with an advance certified Coolsculptor in Atlanta, and we’d like to talk to you about one of the most exciting new technologies that they’ve added to their practice in Coolsculpting Atlanta. It’s called Coolsculpting. It’s a new technology that allows us to get rid of unsightly bulges and areas of bulky fat that sometimes just won’t go away no matter how much you diet or go to the gym. So this technology allows us without any anesthesia, without any downtime, without any incisions, without any bruising or wearing of garments, to get rid of those unsightly fat bulges.

Coolsculpting Atlanta Results

We have seen amazing results with Coolsculpting. There is a 25% reduction in the fat cells that are treated. It is frozen through a process called cryolipolysis and the fat cells are targeted and frozen away. We incorporated the InBody system where we take a total body composition measurement of our patients and after treatment we bring them back and we do another InBody with a total composition and we literally see a 25% reduction of fat cells in a targeted area. So this helps us to better monitor the results that you’re getting from your treatment and when we put this in conjunction with the advice of our exercise physiologist, which we also incorporate as part of your treatment, this helps us to design a fitness program and a dietary program to ensure that you get the maximal results from your Coolsculpting Atlanta treatment.

Coolsculpting Atlanta Testimonials

All of our patients are very pleased with their results. We do have some patients that come back to be treated in different areas because they see such an amazing result in the first procedure. So we are very excited here at Coolsculpting Atlanta to actually give the patient the results and get rid of those unwanted fat cells and give them the amazing results that they’re looking for.

coolsculpting before after

Final Thoughts

Coolsculpting is a very innovative way of permanently removing fat cells. It’s through a process called cryolipolysis which targets the fat cells. Over a period of time, we can Coolsculpt and Dualsculpt those areas and within 8-12 weeks, we can get a 25% reduction in fat cells. The great thing about Coolsculpting Atlanta is that we have two machines that can do the procedure in half the time. Normally it will take one hour to do one area. We can do two areas in one hour due to the dual machines. With Coolsculpting, there is literally no downtime. There is no anesthesia. There is no needs. There is no recovery time. We can do a quick assessment in our Coolsculpting suite and we can target those areas that are interesting to you because it’s your time, it’s your money and it’s your body. We are here to help you get rid of the fat cells. We can give you the experience and the results that you truly deserve. To schedule a consultation or learn more about Coolsculpting, visit Slimplasty for all of your body contouring needs.

coolsculpting information

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How to keep your jewelry forever

Buying jewelry can be very expensive. Holding onto jewelry for forever means that you are taking the proper steps to ensure its value and have it for forever. There are some necessary steps that anybody who owns jewelry should take in order to have it for forever. Especially when it comes to our diamond rings in engagement rings having the proper safety and protection for them is very important to ensure that you were going to have that value with you for forever. You want jewelry in their home that is fairly expensive should consider putting it in a safe that is hidden or properly fastened to the structure or to concrete that would make it very hard for somebody to remove.

Pulling onto your gold necklace for men forever can also mean ensuring that jewelry. Having a proper insurance policy that is going to protect your jewelry is a very important part of ensuring that it’s going to last for forever. Should anything ever happen to your jewelry you will be able to get back the value for it and be able to purchase similar or newer jewelry that will replace it. Many different kinds of things can happen over time. Having insurance policy upon them through your homeowners insurance can properly ensure that should anything ever happened that you will be able to replace them and their value. The value of jewelry can add up significantly overtime and for taking a value can help you to ensure you always have proper ownership of them.

gold chains for menAnother part of ensuring them is to ensure that you have proper documentation of them. Make sure that you have all of your certifications for the jewelry that you know where came from and that it has certified value as well. Getting an appraisal on your jewelry can be a great way to hold onto it. When you can present the proper paperwork showing that the jewelry was well-documented will help you to restore it should anything ever happened to it. Documentation is a key part in knowing that your jewelry is what it truly is that it holds value and that it can be properly protected for anything should ever happened to it. By doing all these things starting off with properly documented jewelry putting it in a place that you can know that it is going to be protected and by being able to ensure it you can ensure that your precious jewelry will be around for forever. These jewelry items may include engagement rings and diamond rings and the great memories that go along with them. Protect them and their values and you also protect your memories that can be so significantly more than items themselves. Jewelry can have a lot of memories attached to it because often they are given significant points in life and are always there to be able to remember what we treasure so much. Protect your jewelry properly and you’ll be able to hold onto them for forever. Don’t let the memories of your diamond rings and jewelry be dashed by in incident of some type take the proper steps by the right kind of jewelry they can be certified and make it part of your life to hold the memories for traditions and the relationship that you value so much.